ESMValTool v2.11.0 released!

New versions of the ESMValTool (v2.11.0) and ESMValCore (v2.11.0) have just been released:

These versions are available, as usual, on GitHub, conda-forge, PyPI and as containers.

Please refer to the Changelogs for an overview of the latest changes and additions:




  • Two new recipes have been added:
  • The ESACCI-WATERVAPOUR CMORizer now includes daily data and uses the officially released CDR2 data.
  • Support for 5 new datasets has been added:
    • AeroNET
    • ANU Climate 2.0 Australian data
    • Australian Gridded Climate Data(AGCD) precipitation
    • NSIDC-G02202-sh sea ice fraction

Happy model evaluation with ESMValTool!