ESMValTool paper

ESMValTool paper on cloud properties and their projected changes in CMIP models published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

ESMValTool on CMIP website

ESMValTool is now listed as one of the model benchmarking and evaluation tools on the CMIP website. Watch the ESMValTool video from the CMIP Model Benchmarking Task Team available on YouTube! [Read More]

ESMValTool v2.9.0

ESMValTool v2.9.0 released! New versions of the ESMValTool (v2.9.0) and ESMValCore (v2.9.0) have just been released: These versions are available, as usual, on GitHub, conda-forge, PyPI and as containers. Please refer to the Changelogs for an overview of the latest changes and additions: Highlights: ESMValCore: It... [Read More]