ESMValTool v2.10.0 released!


New versions of the ESMValTool (v2.10.0) and ESMValCore (v2.10.0) have just been released:

These versions are available, as usual, on GitHub, conda-forge, PyPI and as containers.

Please refer to the Changelogs for an overview of the latest changes and additions:



  • All statistics preprocessors support the same operators and have a common documentation. In addition, arbitrary keyword arguments for the statistical operation can be directly given to the preprocessor.

  • The output webpage generated by the tool now looks better and provides methods to select and filter the output.

  • Improved computational efficiency


  • Added a realistic IPCC example recipe that reproduces figure 9.3 from AR6. It computes the mean sea-surface temperature anomaly between 1850-2100 over all available CMIP6 models. See the recipe documentation or read the blog post for more information.

  • Added more plot types to monitoring diagnostic: Hovmoeller Z vs. time, Hovmoeller time vs latlon, variable vs. latitude are now available. See the recipe documentation for more information.

  • Many recipes now have up-to-date obs4MIPs dataset names so required data can automatically be downloaded from ESGF.

Finally, a collection of output from 140 ESMValTool recipes run with version v2.10.0 is available on the DKRZ portal.

Happy model evaluation with ESMValTool!