ESMValTool v2.9.0 released!

New versions of the ESMValTool (v2.9.0) and ESMValCore (v2.9.0) have just been released:

These versions are available, as usual, on GitHub, conda-forge, PyPI and as containers.

Please refer to the Changelogs for an overview of the latest changes and additions:




  • A new diagnostic has been added to provide a high-level interface to seaborn, a Python data visualization library based on matplotlib.

  • This release includes a new recipe and diagnostic that represent the major physical processes that describe Arctic-midlatitude teleconnections and provide the basis for the CMIP6 model evaluation for the further application of causal discovery. The results are discussed in Galytska et al. (in review in Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres).

Finally, a collection of output from 153 ESMValTool recipes run with version v2.9.0 is available on this portal:

Happy model evaluation with ESMValTool!