Installation Notes


The ESMValTool has the following software requirements (note that specific diagnostics might require additional software packages):

Obtaining the source code

The ESMValTool can be downloaded here: Download

In addition, ESMValTool will be further developed in a version controlled repository that is accessible only to the development team. The wider climate community is encouraged to contribute to this effort and to join the ESMValTool development team for contribution of additional more in-depth diagnostics for ESM evaluation. Please contact Veronika Eyring or Axel Lauer if interested.

Software installation

The tar-ball can be unpacked with the standard tar command, e.g.,

tar -xvf ESMValTool_v1.0.tar

User Guide

A comprehensive user guide is available here: User Guide


The software design of the ESMValTool and the technical implementation is presented in detail in the Open Access Article:

Eyring et al., ESMValTool (v1.0) - A community diagnostic and performance metrics tool for routine benchmarking and process evaluation of Earth System Models in CMIP, Geosci. Model Dev., 2016.